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🔥💪🏿🐉 I burned out. I mean, I really, really burned out. Here’s what happened.

Embracing Authenticity: My Journey to Recharge

I want to take you on a journey through 2023, a path that led me to burnout and then toward a revitalized sense of purpose.

Why I burned out:

I found myself in a place of burnout, primarily driven by my main gig.

I drifted away from my core values and lost sight of my purpose.

My values include trust, autonomy, authenticity, reliability, empathy, and respect.

I strive to empower others and myself, providing the freedom and trust to explore solutions and embrace intrinsic value.

My vision is to release the innate talent and hidden power within individuals, igniting their inner fire, and my mission is to support them in finding stimulating, significant, and stretching goals and empowering them on a productive journey forward, maximizing their impact!

It's about understanding and being understood rather than persuading or being persuaded.

Instead, my main gig had to focus on ensuring we stayed afloat as a company; being an agency, its focus is on income, and due to the market dry period, we weren't getting enough work.

I had to step into roles that drain me: consulting, scrum master, … roles I can do well but aren’t linked anymore to my primary purpose. And sales, both a drain and a role I don't do well.

Due to the time these roles take and the company positioning, I had little time for empowerment and instead mostly had to mind short-term survival.

The need to roll up one's sleeves and do the hard stuff can happen in any job, but when it happens for an entire year, it can have dire effects, especially as I'm a reformer, a long-term thinker, and a strategizer.

What I did in the last three weeks:

In the past three weeks, I stepped back from my daily grind.

I prioritized self-care, delving into restorative sleep, late-night coding sessions, and minimal social interaction.

I stepped away from all work and social and only did the minimum social contact (tricky during the holiday season).

I had no energy to give.

I found solace in binge-watching series and channeling my energy into a personal project close to my core values.

I immersed myself in learning a new programming language, database, and platform—Dart, Firebase, and Flutter—and created a mobile app, "Dragon Fire Careers."

The MVP is nearly complete! I can't wait to share it with you all! 🔥📱

My path forward in 2024:

A renewed purpose fuels my journey ahead:

🐲 Empowering Energizing Leadership:

My primary role will shift towards empowering individuals, building exceptional leaders, and igniting the flames of productivity within teams.

It's about ensuring that my work fills me with energy rather than emptying me dry.

🐲 Avagasso's Core Purpose:

I'm recommitting Avagasso to its core purpose, too—lighting souls on fire, helping people discover their passions, and nurturing leadership growth.

Avagasso will align closely with my mission to make a lasting impact.

I will put on the brakes regarding making it a money-earning business for now.

🐲 Embracing Public Speaking:

I'm embarking on a journey to become a speaker.

A one-week retreat with Pascal is just the beginning.

I'll embrace the imperfect, submit CFPs, and take the stage, sharing my passion for diversity, inclusion, and leadership.

🐲 Writing with Dragon Fire:

This year, I'm finally taking the advice of family and friends to heart.

I'm starting work on a book, not an autobiography, as suggested, but one that focuses on the art of becoming a dragon fire leader.

❤️‍🔥 And, yes, I'll continue to create content.

It's a source of energy and connection with my core purpose.

Here's to a vibrant and purpose-driven 2024!

Let's make it a year of transformation and empowerment.

Happy 2024 to all! So excited to be back! 🐉

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When I started to read this, I was hoping that soon I will read you overcome that burning with some new flame... And it was like that!

I'm so glad to know you are starting with public speaking and writing a book, and continuing with empowering others pn your well known way.

I wish you too transformational and empowered 2024!

Replying to

Thank you for this 💚💚💚

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