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"As a relative newcomer to Liberating Structures, my opportunity to join an immersion course with Sarah Gruneisen was an amazing experience!


Sarah taught us many LS activities which I'm looking forward to interspersing in my own facilitation work. Using prepared Trello boards to help us move through each process was a brilliant use of tech -- we had clear visuals and instructions, keeping us on-track for each step, and fun illustrations to add to our understanding.


Sarah clearly put in many hours of prepwork to ensure we had everything we needed, and in being so well-prepared, she could focus on making us feel quite welcome in the space, too.  


For me in the U.S., the time conversion was challenging, but happily the course happened when I'd scheduled time off work and I could join, somewhat sleepily, but enthusiastic about the work. Thanks again, Sarah, for welcoming me into such a wonderful community of LS practitioners!"



Luci McKean

Director - National School Reform Factory

Course: Liberating Structures Immersion
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