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Step Into the Avagasso Tânydraig Community: Ignite Your Inner Fire

Welcome to 'Tânydraig' - our Fire Dragon haven - where the quest for self-leadership and the empowerment of others unite.  Here, in the Avagasso Tânydraig Community, we're not just leaders; we're learners, dreamers, and doers, each on a unique path to ignite our inner power.

Why Join Us? Gain exclusive access to our weekly Dragon News newsletter and dive into a world brimming with inspirational conversations, personalized coaching resources, motivation, and heartfelt camaraderie.  It's a place designed not only to light up your leadership journey but also to discover and harness your self-leadership potential.

Who is the Tânydraig Community for?

A Community for Every Aspiring Dragon

The Avagasso Tânydraig community welcomes anyone with a heart for growth -p whether you're steering a team, an organization, or navigating the realms of self-leadership.  Here, you'll find a spectrum of topics from personal development to systemic change, all through the lens of fostering leadership within and around.


Join us to connect, share your story, seek guidance, and offer your unique insights. Together, we'll explore the endless horizons of leadership and personal evolution.

Begin Your Transformation

Ready to awaken your dragon within?  Fill out the form below for an invite to our sanctuary of transformation. Should you encounter any mysts along the way, our chat is always open for assistance.


Kindle your spark by ensuring the pink fields are filled.

“I have never shared so much of myself in a group setting.”

“Sarah offered me her time, and attention and invited me into her Avagasso community. She is currently guiding me on my journey to find what is at my core and how to draw it out into the open. Which I can tell you is a confusing, mind-bending, struggling, and challenging road... But priceless.


I have never shared so much of myself in a group setting as during the online sessions. I've had multiple epiphany's every single session. The way Sarah makes sure that people feel safe to share, are able to open up, and confidet in each other is an amazing skill.


The entire community is there to support each other on their own path, all willing to have open conversations and practice active listening to those talking/rambling in the process of structuring thoughts while talking.

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