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I’m an experienced workshop facilitator and speaker, available for private and public events.


I speak on a range of topics, including empowering leadership, developer experience, effective communication, finding your purpose, neurodiversity, and being a woman in leadership.

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Watch my latest online and in-person speaking appearances and my regular Avagasso Coaching webinars.


What The Audience Says

"So many resonated with what you shared on stage and were impacted by the way she passionately described and showed how both the micromanaged and micromanager can feel in these cases and how one could address when in such a situation. You were on fire! Mic drop worthy!"

– Sanne Terpstra, Kubernetes Community Days 2023 Attendee


Keynote Topics


Want me to speak at your conference or event?  Here are some suggested talk outlines, and I’m also open to suggestions!


Any of these sessions can be tailored to resonate with your audience's unique aspirations and challenges, weaving in your brand values alongside messages of empowerment and inclusivity with a passion for diversity and leadership at all levels.

The Art of Resilient Leadership: Engineering Success from Diversity & Setbacks

In this talk, we’ll step into a realm where setbacks are not failures but seeds of diversity and strength.

This session is a trumpet call to engineers, engineering managers, and innovators, inviting you to transform your biggest leadership challenges into a mosaic of success.


We’ll weave through tales of resilience, data-driven insights, and strategies for embracing diversity as the keystone of innovation.

You’ll learn how to channel personal and professional adversities into a thriving, courageous culture where every team member’s contribution is celebrated.

This talk isn't just about leading, it's about inspiring a legacy of empowered, diverse teams.

Designed for the forward-thinkers of tech, this session transcends conventional leadership paradigms, championing inclusivity and growth.

Be ready to embark on a transformative journey requiring an open heart and a commitment to change. Here, leadership is redefined - crafted not from titles but from actions that inspire and elevate those around you.

Synergy in Diversity: Creating Inclusive Teams Across Neurodiversity & Generations

In the vast, ever-changing landscape of the tech and STEM worlds, innovation thrives wherever there is a unique blend of neurodiversity, cultural backgrounds, and generational wisdom.

In this talk, I weave a vivid tapestry of strategies, stories, and empirical evidence designed to guide you in harnessing this collective power.


We’ll explore the art of empathy as a bridge across diverse thought processes, cultural nuances, and generational insights and how it can enhance your team's creativity and problem-solving prowess.

This session celebrates the richness of diversity, showing how it is the driving force of the most groundbreaking advancements in tech.

Tailor-made for the architects of tomorrow's tech and STEM industries, this session invites you to blend an understanding of neurodiversity, cultural richness, and generational diversity into your team's fabric.


Leadership is an inclusive dance of empathy, respect, and innovation, celebrating every voice and transforming challenges into collective triumphs.

Agile Evolution: Shaping Engineers into Visionary Leaders

Navigate the transformative path from technical expert to visionary leader.  This session illuminates the way forward for engineers and engineering managers eager to amplify their impact.

With a blend of storytelling, data, and real-world examples, discover how to dismantle silos, embrace agile thinking, and inspire your team toward innovation and collaboration.

This talk is all about leveraging your technical foundation to foster a culture of flexibility, creativity, and shared vision, propelling your team to achieve extraordinary feats in the tech spaces.

Open to every curious mind in the tech field, this session doesn't just challenge the status quo – it redefines it.

Step beyond your technical expertise into a role where leadership means guiding your team through the evolving landscapes of technology with agility, vision, and unwavering support.

Innovative Leadership: Fusing Feedback and Neurodiversity into Creative Powerhouses

Together, we’ll explore the transformative power of combining constructive feedback with an understanding of neurodiversity to foster an inclusive environment that’s ripe for innovation.


This session unveils the strategies that elevate feedback from a communication tool to a catalyst for growth, inclusivity, and creative breakthroughs.

Discover how welcoming and valuing the unique perspectives and abilities of a neurodiverse team can catalyze problem-solving and innovation and drive significant technological advancement.


By integrating diverse thinking styles and leveraging feedback effectively, you’ll learn how to create dynamic, innovative teams ready to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

Tailored for tech leaders and innovators, this session empowers you with actionable insights to cultivate a workplace culture that accepts and thrives on neurodiversity.

Leadership is an art form that inspires possibility, creates a sense of belonging, and drives forward-thinking solutions. You’ll uncover how embracing feedback and neurodiversity become the cornerstones of your leadership approach, unlocking your team's creative and innovative potential.

Empowerment Through Adversity: Leading with Personal Dragons

Embark upon the odyssey of confronting your personal dragons - those challenges that test resilience, growth, and leadership.


This keynote is an anthem for the ways in which we can harness our personal adversities to fuel team empowerment and innovation.


Combining rich narrative, data insights, and real-life triumphs over adversity, this session paints a vivid picture of what a holistic approach to leadership in tech looks like.


Learn to leverage your personal story to inspire others and build trust and empathy, cultivating a working environment where all challenges are met with courage and transformed into collective strength and unity.

For the changemakers in tech and STEM seeking to intertwine personal growth with team empowerment, this session guides you through reflection, learning, and action.


It's an invitation to transform leadership as we know it through the power of our individual stories and diversity of experience, sharing triumphs, and leading your team to new frontiers of success and innovation.

More Audience Reviews

"“I liked [Sarah’s] presentation - about how to deal with toxic people.  It was I think the most useful topic for me, because it was one of the reasons why one day I chose to work on my own.  Next time maybe I could try not just quit but try to deal with such people.  Although, of course, I'm not sure that I can meet such people here at all.  I haven't seen one in the Netherlands yet."

– Audrey (via Allesandro Vozza), Kubernetes Community Days 2023 Attendee

"Your presentation at the KDC in Utrecht has been recorded so I’m awaiting and eager to show it to my wife. I think she will love it too and be inspired as I was."

– Peter Broshuis, Kubernetes Community Days 2023 Attendee

"Thank you Sarah! I had the pleasure to be in the audience at KCD Utrecht today. Thank you so much for your keynote session. I really enjoyed it.  And I love the dragon theme 😁"

– Marc Duiker, Kubernetes Community Days 2023 Attendee

"Thank you Sarah, and thanks for your inspiring keynote. I can definitely relate to your story ❤️"

– Andrea Soldino, Kubernetes Community Days 2023 Attendee

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Coaching & Consulting

I work with both individuals and organizations on a wide range of team and 1on1 consulting, training, and coaching projects.

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Workshops &


I host a variety of group workshops and courses for leaders who want to find their core power and take the next step in their productivity.

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Community& Subscriptions

A space for courageous leaders to ignite their fire, clain their power and form connections with like-minded revolutionaries.

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