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Avagasso Coaching

The Legendary Leaders Program

Find your inner strength, unlock your leadership power and learn to lead with purpose.

Next cohort starts: September 2024 (Apply until Mid-August)
The course will take place: Tuesdays 6-9:30 pm CET

Program Includes

  • Online Peer Learning

  • 42 hours of face-time instruction with Sarah, a Certified Leadership Coach

  • 12+ Animation Learning Material

  • Quizzes and Assignments

  • Exercises you can use with your Teams

  • Downloads & Resources

  • Community Membership

  • Set Study Schedule with Peers

  • Leadership Program Certification of Completion

  • 12x Weekly (or Bi-weekly, depending on the program) Sessions

  • Full Onboarding Support

  • Equity pricing model from €252-€1,527

  • Payment Plan Possibilities 

  • The program runs twice per year (16 students max per run)

At work, are you feeling like...


You’re hitting a glass ceiling and struggling to make things happen?

You want to grow and expand in your career but aren’t sure how to step into leadership?


You’re dismissed, unseen, or micromanaged?


Burnout and exhaustion have become the norm?


You struggle with self-advocacy and avoid conflict even if it makes you unhappy?

You’re a micromanager or you’re struggling to get the best from your team?

Our signature training program isn’t just designed for those already in leadership positions – it’s for anyone who wants to lead their life and career with more confidence, intention, and influence.


Great leadership starts with self-leadership.

When you take this program, you’ll learn what it takes to be a powerful, legendary leader – starting with self-leadership.

Self-leadership is about learning to stand in your core power – no matter what challenges you face, instead of reacting based on emotions and triggers.

We start our learning with three vital elements of leadership…


Uncovering your inner dragons – because you can’t change your behavior until you know what drives it.


Finding ultimate courage in your convictions – to do this, you must understand the values sitting beneath them.



Unlocking your core power – knowing yourself deeply and understanding what makes you a great leader


“I feel stronger and ready for the next part of my journey. “

What a great journey it was, following the course! Thanks to Sarah we, as a group, created a safe environment to dig deep into ourselves.



It was emotional, interesting and we all felt we dug up some fantastic gemstones within ourselves, we where not aware of.


Sarah was a fantastic guide, open and emotionally involved, giving us space and was stirring us when needed. I will miss the regular meetings with Sarah and the group but I also feel stronger and ready for the next part of my journey. Thank you all so much for being part of this great course!!

I‘m Sarah, your leadership guide

Throughout my career as a software engineer and leader and coach, I've witnessed transformations that defy imagination: imposter syndrome melting into a deep sense of belonging, chaotic paths clearing towards purpose, and silent presences roaring to life with undeniable power.


Working with me is not just about personal or professional development; it's about awakening the dragon within you — it may be silent now, but it is powerful and ready to make its mark on the world.


As a lifelong learner, my teaching toolbox is rich with the wisdom of countless leadership philosophies, psychology insights, and agility principles that I have poured into this course.

Through inspiring other leaders, my purpose is to color the world with positivity, unravel complexities, and liberate the boundless potential in each of us.


Thinking I don’t seem like your typical leadership coach?  You’d be right!


As a neurodivergent leader, I celebrate my differences and use them as a source of strength. And my goal is to empower you to do the same.

Once you embody self-leadership, you will soon master the skills you need to drive positive change.


Become a leader who ignites the fire of motivation in others.

The kind of leaders who leave an enduring impact and legacy are those who know their values, demonstrate consistency in their behavior, and lead with authenticity, having abandoned the mask of being someone else.


Through this program, you’ll learn to lead with values, integrity and authenticity, inspiring others to do the same.


Become a powerful leader who forges their own unique path.

Only when you truly know yourself can you see your team as the unique individuals they are.

You’ll master the art of setting and achieving YOUR worthy goals, uncovering the magic you possess to influence the world around you.

You will discover how to unlock the power within your natural talents and pass on that power to your teams.

Our transformative journey together

Through 12 facilitated sessions, we'll explore your beliefs, values, and motivations, revealing your unique leadership style and the incrdible power you have to make an impact.

This leadership quest will challenge and evolve you, leading you to a rediscovery and renewal of power you may never have felt was possible for you.

Your Program Schedule

Session 1: Cultivating Trust and Collaboration

Session 2: Understanding and Shifting Behavior Patterns

Session 3: Deep Diving into Personal Beliefs

Session 4: Pinpointing Your Core Values

Session 5: Discovering and Harnessing Motivations

Session 6: Uncovering Your True Essence

Session 7: Visualizing and Creating Your Ideal Future

Session 8: Breaking Free from Limiting Beliefs

Session 9: Setting and Achieving Meaningful Goals

Session 10: Materializing Your Dreams

Session 11: Expanding Your Influence Positively

Session 12: Reflecting on Your Journey and Welcoming the Future

Choose your own adventure

Whether you prefer an intensive transformation or a paced journey, our program offers flexibility for you to choose how you learn best.

WhatsApp Image 2024-05-15 at 19.16.33.jpeg

Three-Month Intensive

If you’re eager for rapid growth and transformation, this option delivers the full leadership program over 12 weeks.

WhatsApp Image 2024-05-15 at 19.17.03.jpeg

Six-Month Journey

If you need more time to integrate your learnings, this extended version provides additional support and time between sessions.


“I have never met a coach or manager who has as much wisdom as Sarah.”

"I have participated in every training that Sarah offers. I have never met a coach or manager (or any person, really!) who has as much wisdom as Sarah and as strong of a vision and passion as Sarah.

I am almost done with the course, and I can't believe how my sense of purpose in my job and life has changed, even though my role and life circumstances haven't changed.

I'm confident that I will find goals that will breathe excitement and purpose into the new year, as well as actions to realize changes toward my own vision."

Are you ready to embrace your full potential as a leader in your career and life?

On the Avagassso Legendary Leaders Program, you’ll learn to navigate leadership challenges with confidence, uncover your unique inner strengths, and unlock the power your leadership capabilities.

You’ll discover how to embody the mindset of a leader, set and achieve impactful goals, and use your natural talents to inspire and elevate those around you.


Our next programs start in September 2024.

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