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Ignite the True Power Within: Your Path to Transformation Starts Here


Elevate Your Leadership and Unleash Potential

Welcome to the threshold of transformation. Whether you're seeking to elevate your organization's leadership dynamics or embark on a profound journey of self-discovery, Avagasso is your partner in unlocking unprecedented potential.

Mondays and Tuesdays 6-10 pm CET

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Ready for a radical shift in how leadership is perceived and enacted within your organization?  Let's transcend conventional boundaries together.  Our journey will be one of awakening - igniting the latent leadership within each individual and fostering an ecosystem where creativity, autonomy, and trust flourish.

My commitment is to empower your leaders not just to lead but to inspire.  By embracing principles such as agility, holacracy, and liberating structures, we'll navigate the complexities of your organization, unlocking doors to innovation, collaboration, and sustainable growth.

Book a 90-minute strategy consultation, and let's chart the course for a transformative leadership voyage.


“Sarah's unorthodox style and methods were incredibly effective, adding a fresh and unique dimension to the learning process.”

“I had the pleasure of taking part in Sarah's Liberating Structure training and I couldn't have been more impressed.

The training was incredibly engaging, encouraging us to think outside of the box and explore new ideas.

The materials were well-structured and easy to follow and Sarah was an excellent facilitator, creating a safe and inviting environment for us to explore and ask questions.

I highly recommend Sarah's training to anyone looking to challenge their ideas and take their knowledge to the next level.”

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Frank van Hout, Senior Consultant @ InSim

Avagasso Expertise

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We offer coaching & training in the following areas. Don’t see what you’re looking for?

Send a message and we’ll see if we can help. 

Personal Development &

Setting &
Pursuing Worthy Goals

Agility &
Systems for Organizations

Enabling Courageous Conversations

Holacracy & Liberating Structures

Individual &
Group Empowerment

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Feel the stirrings of untapped power within?  That's your inner dragon, yearning to soar.  If obstacles like imposter syndrome cloud your path or if you're unsure how to harness your leadership capabilities, fear not.  Together, we'll embark on an epic quest to the core of your being, where your true power lies waiting.

This journey is about more than just leadership; it's about self-leadership. It's about igniting your passions, setting and achieving audacious goals, and making an indelible mark on every life you touch.

Are you ready to awaken your dragon and embrace your true potential?

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“What really sets this training apart from others I have had before is Sarah herself.”

“Sarah showed herself to be an amazing coach, guiding us through personal challenges and emotions. truly helping you find your core and goals that really drive you.

The course itself is very well structured and balanced and the information and help given is of a very high quality. Sarah sets an environment where you feel seen and safe, which is a requirement for a training where you need to open yourself.

All I can say is that if I find myself wanting another training, and there would be several of the same trainings, I would choose Sarah due to the personal touch and attention she gives which just makes her trainings a bit more special."



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Dive deep with our three- and six-month masterclass series, "The Legendary Leadership Program" to unlock and unleash your core power.  This is where self-leadership is honed to perfection, setting the foundation for a legacy of positive change and innovation.

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Coaching & Consulting

I work with both individuals and organizations on a wide range of team and 121 consulting, training and coaching projects.

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Online Courses

I host a variety of group workshops and courses for leaders who want to find their core power and take the next step in their careers.

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Tanydraig Community

A space for courageous leaders to ignite their fire, claim their power and form connections with like-minded revolutionaries.

“I recommend Sarah to everyone who is looking for clarity and self-knowledge.”

“Sarah has a way of facilitating that creates a really safe space, where discussions actually have meaning, as her skills have made us connect as a group that want to share different views, because there is always something positive coming from it and not just because "we have to".


It's impressive how Sarah can handle different personality types without making anyone feel out of place or wrong. It is remarkable how she manages to make us "get there" with reflections, and not with impositions or rules.

We are half way through the course and I can't express how much I have learned. Not only about myself, but about teamwork, honesty with myself and responsibility with my journey. I don't think I will be the same person after the course is over, because there are things we cannot just ‘unsee’.”

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