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My book begins

At 47, I've discovered a profound sense of purpose, my ikigai, that compels me to share my journey through writing. It's not just about narrating my life; it's about understanding how each challenge and triumph has sculpted me into the person I am today.

In the tranquility of a warm bath, surrounded by soothing scents of lavender and eucalyptus, I realized that my life's experiences are too significant not to share. This moment of solitude helped me see that my story could empower others as much as it has empowered me. I've been asked to write this book for over half my life, and now I finally understand why.

I once believed my story was just a speck in the universe - insignificant in the grand scheme. But as I've grown, both personally and as a leadership coach, I've recognized that every story has the power to touch lives and inspire change. My story, filled with resilience, truth, and transformation, is no exception.

Writing this book is not merely about recounting past events; it’s about expressing the authenticity and multiplicity of truths that define our experiences. In my leadership courses, I emphasize the importance of embracing diverse perspectives and acknowledging that multiple truths can coexist, which is vital for growth and understanding.

This endeavor to write is my declaration of readiness to confront my past, embrace my present, and inspire the future. It demonstrates how our stories can illuminate the paths of others. For anyone striving to find their ikigai, know it is never too late to seek what truly gives your life meaning.

Yesterday, I began the writing of my story. I cannot wait to share it with you one day.

Now, I invite you to reflect: What ikigai are you yet to start? What’s holding you back?

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