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Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Finally!!! I learned how to integrate into a cluster of people without interrupting!

Thank you, Wesley, for answering this question for me!

🐉 What a whirlwind of inspiration and connection!

A last-minute invitation from Wendy Devolder blossomed into a chance to facilitate a Q&A that reignited my passion for the tech community.

💚 Unexpected reunions with Floor, with whom I share cherished devopsdays memories, and new bonds with the brilliant Wesley have left me energized and grateful.

Yesterday's devrellers meetup was a masterclass in community engagement, led by the dynamic duo of Floor Drees and @Wesley Faulkner. Their insights into DevRel success and the dance of networking were transformative.

Beyond the exchange of business cards, they showed us the power of sharing stories, embracing the awkwardness, and approaching each interaction with authenticity.

❤️‍🔥 The dialogue sparked was more than conversation; it was the kindling for future collaborations and growth. Wendy's spontaneous invite turned into a celebration of unity, highlighting the strength in our diverse experiences.

Thank you to all who joined, enriching the discussion with your questions and insights.

And for those who missed it, don't worry—the passion from yesterday's session will fuel many more to come. (

Let's continue to meet at the intersection of technology and humanity, where every face is not just a contact but a potential chapter in our shared journey.

🔥 How do you forge meaningful connections in the tech world? Share your thoughts and strategies!

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