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Updated: Oct 4, 2023

and it is close to my heart and experience.

Yesterday, as I stood amidst a sea of predominantly white, middle-aged men at a DevOps conference, sipping my coffee and surveying the room, I was struck not by what was present, but by what was glaringly absent – a rainbow of diverse faces.

Now, I cannot say that diversity didn't exist beyond what I could see, as diversity can exist under the skin (neurodiversity, gender and sexual diversity, varied values, diverse financial backgrounds, and more).

But today, I’m talking about what I saw with my eyes.

I saw a vivid reminder of a narrative that has unfolded throughout my career in tech and leadership: a persistent scarcity of different genders and races.

I know many societies do this better; I've seen it done so much better in many Eastern cultures, but the Western world is slow to catch up.

And this makes me sad.

At this conference, there was only one other woman than myself. And I didn’t see anyone with a different skin color than my own.

🐲 Diversity and inclusion are not merely buzzwords or check-boxes. They are the winds beneath the wings of innovation, collaboration, and sustainable success.

My journey, from being one of the few women in tech spaces to advocating for inclusive leadership, is woven with experiences, learnings, and persistent questions:

🔥 How do we transform our skies to be genuinely inclusive?

🔥 How do we go from visible homogeneity to a vibrant, inclusive mosaic?

Swipe through my latest carousel, where I weave my story, reflections, and questions into a tale of dragons 🐉, symbolizing our collective journey from barren to bountiful diversity skies.

Explore insights on:

💚 The isolation in uniformity

💚 Missteps in Diversity Initiatives

💚 The subtle balance of quality & representation

💚 The pivotal role of leadership in cultivating diversity

...and more.

Whether you're a lone dragon in your space or an ally seeking to uplift others, let's soar together towards skies where every dragon flies freely, fiercely, and fully embraced.

🔥 Ignite the Change Together.

Be the dragon that disrupts, inspires, and inclusively leads.

How have you experienced or navigated through diversity and inclusiveness in your spaces?

❤️‍🔥 Share your stories, reflections, or a simple, supportive emoji in the comments below.

Let’s create a torrential wind of conversations, forging ahead to skies where diversity doesn't just survive but thrives vibrantly.


Want to join the conversation with others dedicated to leadership transformation? Join the Avagasso Tânydraig Community (link in the comments below).

Tânydraig’ is a Welsh word that translates to ‘Fire Dragon’ – and this is a place to ignite your fire and claim your Dragon Power as a leader.

When you sign up, you’ll have access to my FREE Discord community, where you’ll find enlightening conversations with fellow dragons, coaching resources from me, inspiration, motivation, kinship, and much more.

Lack of Diversity to Inclusivity Journey - The Tech Conference Story (1)
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