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Brosna’s Tale; Embracing Authentic Leadership

There is so much wisdom in my LinkedIn community. I love discovering the golden nuggets you write each day; so inspiring! Thank you 💚🐲🔥

Three comments in yesterday’s post stood out and inspired me to write Brosna’s story (Brosna: kindling/firewood).

“Thinking how many of us tell ourselves “keep going until the next ….” feeling drained, empty and unappreciated. This makes me sad. By talking about this, it removes the stigma and we know we are not alone. Thank you for speaking up Sarah Gruneisen 🐉.” -Sophie

“With fire in your belly Sarah Gruneisen 🐉 and purpose in your heart, you will have the impact you envision! Tuning into what we need and what lights us up will be the path towards abundance. Your projects sound amazing and I’m here watching and supporting you all the way. The world needs passionate, authentic leaders to change the paradigm!”💥 - Akemi

“Your story of facing burnout and emerging resiliently is truly inspiring. Taking time for self-care and rekindling your passion through your 'Dragon Fire Careers' project shows courage.

Your authentic confession about the challenges that disconnect us from our core purpose rings true for many of us. While burnout is tough, it's commendable that you're turning it into a powerful personal transformation.

Congratulations on your personal project and here's to your journey of renewal in 2024. Your story is a poignant reminder of the importance of aligning our work with our values and purpose. Sarah Gruneisen 🐉” -Steven Claus

Brosna’s Tale Embracing Authentic Leadership
Download PDF • 9.04MB

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