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My 20 years of journey in just 2 minutes with some valuable lessons…

Looking back at my path, I find it incredible how every step, no matter if good or bad at the moment, has shaped who I am today 💪🐲

From starting with software development in the 90s to giving my first training sessions in 2002 to embracing agile methodologies in 2003,

and later diving deep into Scrum in 2008, I've always sought to push myself beyond my comfort zone 📈

But personal growth isn't just about acquiring skills; it's about embracing new perspectives and approaches. Right?

So in 2008, I embarked on my leadership journey; at first, I was awful at it! I was horrible at setting boundaries and had my hands too much on the content.

But eventually, I learned the art of guiding and empowering teams to achieve greatness together 🌟

But the turning point came when I discovered the power of Liberating Structures in 2017.

These structures transformed the way I approach problem-solving and team dynamics 🙌

And then, in 2019, I leaped coaching and mentoring.

It opened up a whole new world of understanding and connecting with others on a deeper level 🤝

Becoming a coach not only enriched my life but also allowed me to impact the lives of others positively.

Balancing a demanding career with my roles as a mother to 3 wonderful kids and the proud owner of two adorable dogs has taught me invaluable lessons in:

🌟 empathy

🌱 resilience

🕰️ time management

Through it all, I've learned that personal growth isn't just about adding to your skill set.

It's about:

- self-awareness

- taking risks

- stepping outside our comfort zones

- having the courage to embrace change

- willingness to learn from both successes & setbacks

It's in those moments of discomfort that we truly grow 🚀

If you're curious to explore your path of personal growth, then…

Register for my FREE webinar “Cultivating my personal growth: learning from the past, embracing the future.”

It’s happening tomorrow,

So book your seats now (Only 4 seats left)

The link is in the comments!

Let's support and uplift each other on this incredible journey of personal growth 🐉🔥

See you tomorrow!!

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