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Keynote, Panel, Webinar, and Workshops

Want to see me speak in a keynote about micromanagement, or a panel talk about teams thriving in labs, or join a free webinar about team empowerment or a workshop about finding purpose in your leadership style or integrating holacracy with neurodiversity? Read more …

I don’t usually repost old content, but as I will speak at this conference as a keynote next week, I thought it warranted a reminder for those who want to join!

If we are connected, send me a DM. I have a discount code I can share with you! 💚💚💚

If you miss out on seeing me speak on Dec 1st, you can catch me at the Hello Bio Life Conference this January 18th; I’ll be on the panel discussing “Effective leadership & communication in the lab.” I’ll include a link in the comments.

And in case you miss out on these, you can join my free webinar “Webinar for Leaders:

Cultivating Resilient Leaders - Strategies to Retain and Empower Your Leadership Team” on December 6th.

Or sign up for one of the following workshops.

Dec 13th:

2-hr Workshop: IKIGAI Illuminated - Fusing Passion and Purpose into Your Leadership Style

Dec 20th:

2-hr Workshop: Dynamic Leadership: Integrating Holacracy & Neurodiversity for Organizational Success

Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow to all of my American friends and colleagues out there!



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