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How do you get it all done?

I've been asked so many times how I can be a single mother of 3 children, have two dogs, and still manage to do all of what I do.


I've had partnerships.

I still managed to see my friends.

I still do board game groups and work on my own business.

And a lot of other things for myself, like hitting the gym and weight training.

But what I never understood is why people can't.

I don't understand why people don't have more time in their days.

I mean, if you work 8/9 hours and you have 24 hours in the day, and you sleep for 8 hours, there's a lot of time besides that to do other things. Isn’t there?

4 things I do to build a productive daily routine for maximum efficiency:

🐉 If I feel there's a point where I can't manage it, I stop everything for a whole day and take a look at everything I'm trying to achieve.

🐉 I reorganize my priorities and cut away the excess, the things that don't bring value.

🐉 I delegate if I find that something is not giving me passion or I don't like to do it and if I can't give more value than someone else could.

🐉 I don't like having a fixed schedule; I like to work when my imagination, creativity, or energy levels are high, and especially as I get older, I listen to my body more.

Everyone has 24 hours only, but it's how you choose to use and prioritize your time that ultimately determines the quality and impact of your life.

What do you do to have a great productive day?

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