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Agile Story Points are NOT gold coins!

Once upon a time in the kingdom of Agile, story points were introduced as a magical scale 🌈 to gauge the might of the tasks that lay ahead

They were never meant to be shackled by the constraining confines of hours.

Alas, many knights mistook them for hourglasses, thus obscuring their true purpose:

to unmask the Goliaths of tasks hidden in the plains of relative complexity.

Story points were the torches that illuminated the path to 'done' – a grand castle 🏰 of complete tasks that yielded value to the kingdom.

Treating them as separate armies for development or testing tasks would be as foolish as sending a dragon to slay a butterfly.

It's not about claiming individual victories; it's about ensuring the entire kingdom thrives.

In the grand court of Agile, story points were meant to inspire debates and uncover differing perspectives.

They were the royal messengers, not the crowns of value.

They revealed the hidden complexities and nudged knights to ask, "Why do you see a dragon where I only see a lizard?"

In the epic saga of the sprint, the perfect burndown was never the Holy Grail.

Rather, it was a tool to inspire dialogue.

If the burndown chart is stalling and the sprint is halfway through with no victories to cheer, it's time to gather at the round table and ask, "Are we truly understanding our quests?"

Story points are the compass, helping the Agile adventurers navigate the murky waters of their work.

They illuminate the path and invite inspection and adaptation.

But beware, ye brave knights, for if you treat them like gold coins to be hoarded and traded, you might find yourselves lost in the labyrinth of perpetual busyness, forever caught in the dragon's breath of futile toil.

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