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This one tool will change your home and work life forever...

In today’s gathering,

we unite under the majestic wings of dragons, symbolizing strength,


and transformation.

Navigating a sensitive life instance:

a child involved in bullying,

let’s utilize the mighty Troika Consulting -

a liberating structure,

to explore,


and possibly transform the shadows into constructive, supportive light.

Yet, remember,

the power of this liberating structure extends far beyond, reaching the realms of teams and organizations alike.

🐲 Forging Our Inquiry [2 min] Reflect: “How might we navigate the realms of bullying, ensuring transformative, supportive, and empathic pathways for all?”

🛡️ The Sacred Formation of a Triple In this session, our triple forms a familial council: a parent, a child, and another parent or a supportive family member.

📜 Embarking Upon the Troika Quest [35 min] Engage in three rounds, each an illuminator for authentic, empathetic consultation and shared wisdom:

1 - Council Alignment

One parent begins as the client, with the child and supportive family member as consultants.

2 - Igniting the Beacon of Clarity

(2 min) Client: share your challenge related to the overarching theme of bullying.

(2 min) Consultants: seek understanding with clarifying questions.

3 - The Invisible Observer

(Online) The client fades into silent observation (camera and microphone off).

(In-person) The client respectfully turns their back, facing away from the consultants to become a silent observer.

(4 min) Consultants: whisper wisdoms, suggestions, and ponderings into the space.

4 - The Emergence of Insight and Gratitude

(2 min) The client returns, sharing reflections and illuminations and expressing genuine gratitude.

🔄 Completing the Troika Cycle

Two more rounds unfold, with each member taking their turn to reside in the client’s seat, asking for reflections on challenges like:

💚 “What steps might I take to support my teenager better?”

💚 “What should I cease doing to be more supportive and understanding?”

💚 “How might I address the situation without tarnishing my relationships with friends?”

🏰 Collective Wisdom Unveiled

Regroup and weave together the shared insights, marveling at the collective wisdom unearthed during our shared exploration.

Although today's quest is set in a familial example, Troika Consulting’s transformative power gracefully scales, becoming a potent tool within teams and organizations.

🐉 Whether navigating through the nuances of personal relationships or steering the collaborative ship of a team through challenges,

may the strength of dragons guide us toward empathy, empowerment, and supportive transformation in our homes and our collaborative endeavors.

How have you used liberating structures like Troika Consulting in your life or leadership journey?

Please share your insights, and let’s continue to learn and grow together.

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