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The Quest for Inner Balance: Living with the Abandonment Dragon

Discover the power of self-awareness and growth by confronting your inner dragons!

💪🏿🐲 Here, I dive deep into understanding and overcoming the life trap of abandonment.

💚 I'd love your input!

Vote below in a comment on another life trap you'd like me to explore next in this series.

🔥 Dig into the animation series I’ve been posting. Episodes 1-3, if you want some clarity on which ones you relate most to.

Your input will shape my next carousel! 👇

List of the other ten traps:

2. Mistrust/Abuse: Expect others to hurt or exploit you.

3. Emotional Deprivation: Feeling that others will never meet your emotional needs.

4. Social Exclusion: Feeling isolated and different from others.

5. Dependence: Relying excessively on others for support and decision-making.

6. Vulnerability: Constant fear that disaster is imminent.

7. Defectiveness/Shame: Feeling inherently flawed and unworthy of love.

8. Failure: Belief that you will fail to achieve your goals.

9. Subjugation: Excessive self-sacrifice and suppression of your own needs for others.

10. Unrelenting Standards: Striving for perfection and feeling you must meet extremely high standards.

11. Entitlement: Belief that you should have whatever you want, regardless of how it affects others.

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