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My biggest life-learning: Know your self-worth 😇

Let me tell you…

What made me successful when I was young was holding me back when I was older.

When I was young, I never took myself too seriously.

I could make a joke about myself 😅

I could get along with the guys, and if they made some joke about women or something else, I didn't care.

I would also make a joke :-))

I was very easygoing and a pleasant person to be around.

Not praising myself, but I was like that.

I would bring in the coffee for everyone.

And I also was a hard worker.

If some people work 100%, I would work 150%. So I would also produce a lot of results.

And that’s what made me successful in my early years.

But then I found out that the same thing that was making me successful when I was young was holding me back when I was growing.

Because people saw me too much as a friendly person, they threw lots of stuff at me, and I would get it done.

They knew that I, in a way, made their life easier.

I made other people grow. I improved their careers.

But I didn't have this sense of self-worth and the ability to set boundaries.

When I was making fun of myself, I didn't realize it was holding me back.

So my change was getting to know and becoming vulnerable about what was inside me and embracing it.

I'm still a kind person, and I care for others.

But I also have self-worth now.

I can say no ❌

I can make a boundary when something is going against my value system, and I can walk with integrity in a different way than I did when I was young.

So I don't need to degrade myself to be kind.

What was your biggest life-learning?

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