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I’m a reformer!

I've always believed in the incredible potential for change within us, just like the mighty dragons that breathe fire and shape their surroundings 🐉

As a reformer, my heart beats with the passion to turn ordinary places into extraordinary ones, infused with the magic of positive transformation.

I bring various transformative techniques, such as:

🔥 Ting and Ikigai: Aligning inner purpose and passion to create a powerful driving force for change.

🌳 Accessing Core and Schemas: Unleashing the true potential hidden within and breaking free from limiting beliefs.

💡 Liberating Structures: Empowering individuals and groups to collaborate and innovate fearlessly.

🏹 Agility and Freedom within a Framework: Navigating the ever-changing world with adaptability and a strong sense of direction.

💚 Braving Trust: Building deep connections that foster growth and genuine transformation.

I have been on a profound journey of empowering individuals to become their best selves 🔥

Witnessing them rise above challenges, empowered and independent, fills my heart with hope for a better world.

But my mission doesn't end here.

I dream of scaling up and sharing these potent techniques with the world like wildfire of positive change.

My dream is to scale up and spread these techniques so that it becomes a powerful force that changes the world into something better.

What’s your dream?


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