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I don't believe in work-life balance ❌

There’s a buzz all around the internet for having a work-life balance but I have a different approach to this.

I believe in work-life harmony ✅

Over the last 30+ years of working experience, I’ve realized that working gives me much joy but in harmony with all aspects of life. The idea of work-life balance suggests a trade-off, whereas work-life harmony embraces the idea that work and personal life can coexist and mutually enrich each other.

I do a full-time job.

I run my coaching business.

I spend quality time with my family, dogs, and friends.

People ask me how do I manage all of these and my only answer is - Work-life Harmony :)

Here’s how I maintain Work-Life Harmony:

1. Define and respect my time:

🐉 I make sure to respect both my work hours and personal time. This respect for time helps me to remain committed to my professional duties while also ensuring my personal life is not neglected.

2. Prioritize self-care:

🐉 I prioritize self-care by engaging in activities that recharge me, such as watching my favorite TV shows, drawing, playing board games, and spending time with loved ones.

3. Practice mindfulness and disconnect:

🐉 I incorporate mindfulness practices into my routine. Taking a bath with beautiful smelling fragrances is my kind of mindfulness. It helps me disconnect from work-related stressors and center myself.

4. Discover and align with my Ikigai:

🐉 I believe in the concept of "Ikigai", the convergence of passion, skill, and profession. When you find your Ikigai, work becomes a source of energy rather than exhaustion.

5. Harmoniously integrate different aspects of life:

🐉 I strive to find ways to integrate various aspects of life harmoniously. For instance, taking my teenage daughter to a meetup that's a great way to spend one on one time with her and also a great networking opportunity for my coaching business. This integration allows me to maintain balance, respecting the distinct areas of my life while allowing them to enhance each other.

Work-life harmony allows for a more fluid, dynamic, and individualized approach to managing work and personal life, which can lead to greater overall satisfaction, well-being, and success.

Remember that achieving work-life harmony is an ongoing process, and it may require regular adjustments and fine-tuning.

Moreover, discovering your Ikigai might take time, but once you do, it will revolutionize your approach towards work and life.

So be patient with yourself and make small changes that align with your values and priorities.

I hope this helps you :-)

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