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Getting to know each other

Embracing a warm weekend atmosphere, I'd love to connect with the amazing new people in my community!

Let's get to know each other by sharing some personal tidbits.

I'll go first:

🌍 Born in California, USA, spent 15 years in Switzerland, and currently residing in the Netherlands

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Adopted at age 5, blessed with a younger sister and brother; divorced 7 years ago, now engaged, and a proud parent of two daughters and a son (14, 10, 11)

🐾 Loving pet parent of a Terrier mix and Labrador

♑️ A nature-loving Capricorn and fire dragon who adores walking barefoot on various terrains, feeling at one with the earth

☕️ Starts each day with a coffee, but refrains from drinking any after 3 pm to ensure a good night's sleep

🌙 A true night owl

🎓 Holds a computer science and engineering degree, but almost completed a chemical engineering degree instead

🎼 A creative spirit who minored in music, performed in musicals, and sang in a professional choir, won competitions in art too

🌈 Neurodiverse, my flavor is called “Gifted” which has overlaps with both ADHD and autism although also very different

🏕️ Raised with camping trips in California, but captivated by destinations rich in cultural diversity and distinct from Western life

🍴 Enjoys most foods but avoids hazelnut, liver, and okra!

Now, it’s your turn!

I'm eager to learn more about each of you 😊

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