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Enneagram of Personality

Who unleashes it?

🔥 Psychologists: With the power of the Enneagram, they unlock the secrets of their clients' behaviors, motivations, and personality traits.

🔥 Businesses: In the corporate kingdom, the Enneagram becomes the key to forging strong teams, molding leaders, and refining workplace dynamics.

🔥 Individuals: Many ambitious souls wield the Enneagram in their quest for personal development, harnessing its power to shape their future.


It is a mighty tool revered for its depth and complexity. Unlike other personality maps focusing merely on behavior or traits, it plunges into the profound depths of motivations, fears, and desires that drive our behavior.

The Enneagram is no static antique. It's a living, breathing model that traces the footprints of our evolution, describing how we may transform under stress or growth and the connections we share with different personality types.

Every personality type harbors the power to soar high and radiate positivity or plunge low into toxic behaviors. Like a dragon's hoard, no type is inherently more precious or pitiful than another.

What do the types resemble?

🐲 The Reformer: Fueled by a relentless quest for perfection and a keen sense of right and wrong, they are on a mission to better themselves and their kingdom.

🐲 The Helper: Guided by a selfless desire to uplift others, they are the compassionate heart of the realm, often sidelining their needs in service of others.

🐲 The Achiever: Ambitious and goal-oriented, they are spurred by the promise of success, recognition, and admiration.

🐲 The Individualist: Emotionally attuned and introspective, they treasure uniqueness and authenticity, ever on a journey to decipher their true identity.

🐲 The Investigator: Inspired by the thirst for knowledge and understanding, they are the scholarly sages of the kingdom, often cloistering themselves to focus on their pursuits.

🐲 The Loyalist: Rooted in their pursuit of safety and security, they are the unwavering defenders of the realm, balancing their loyalty with a healthy dose of skepticism.

🐲 The Enthusiast: Embodying optimism and adventure, they are the wanderers of the kingdom, forever in pursuit of novel experiences and fleeing from discomfort.

🐲 The Challenger: Bold and assertive, they are the heroic guardians of the realm, valuing control and power and unafraid to confront challenges head-on.

🐲 The Peacemaker: The harmonious mediators of the kingdom, they seek tranquility and strive to avoid conflict, often wrestling with maintaining their boundaries.

Each type is driven by its core fear, desire, and unconscious motivations. Unraveling these secrets can cast light on personal growth, relationships, and self-awareness.

What Enneagram type matches your personality?

Care to guess what type you think I might be? ;-)

If you found this enlightening, join my Draike Community, and let's soar the skies together.

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