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Women account for 30% of the Agile community … Let’s try to change this one step at a time.

❤️‍🔥 As my exploration through the Women in Agile Europe 2023 conference draws to a close, I'm filled with gratitude and inspiration.

From Gitte Klitgaard's call to "Bring Humanity Back to the Workplace" to the innovative strategies of Ashvini Bisesser and Karelia Martinez, each session has been a treasure trove of wisdom.

🔥 Gitte Klitgaard reminded us about the importance of empathy and authenticity in the workplace. Her insights have been a beacon for those seeking to humanize their professional environments.

💚 Akemi Micallef and Rachelle Harvey took us on "An Agile Leader's Journey Across the (Diversity) Chasm," highlighting the vital role of inclusive leadership in Agile practices.

🐉 Willemijn Dijk bridged the "Generational Chasm in an Agile Work Environment," offering valuable strategies for harmonizing multi-generational teams.

💎 Jutta Eckstein opened our eyes to the "Perceptions and Realities on Crossing the Chasms," challenging us to rethink inclusivity in product design and Agile methodologies.

🪽 And finally, in this last carousel, Ashvini Bisesser and Karelia inspire us with "Dare to Be Different: Innovative Leadership and Intrinsic Motivation Strategies," redefining what it means to lead and motivate in today's dynamic work environments.

These leading lights have contributed to a rich trove of Agile wisdom.

Their teachings have not just informed us but transformed the way we approach leadership, teamwork, and innovation.

What has been your biggest takeaway from this series?

Share your thoughts and let's continue to grow together!

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