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Which topics resonate with you the most?

🔥🐲 Hello, Amazing Tech Community! 🐲🔥

As we gear up for conference season, I'm excited to share a list of potential talks I'm considering for submission. I value your insights and preferences and would love to hear which topics resonate most with you. Here's a quick rundown:

  1. Resilience in the Face of Adversity

  2. The Unseen Dimensions of Empathy

  3. Reclaiming Autonomy

  4. Transforming Meetings with Liberating Structures

  5. From Engineer to Agile Leader

  6. Setting Boundaries as a Tech Leader

  7. Learning from Leadership Failures

  8. Embracing Neurodiversity: Understanding and Communication in Tech

  9. Mastering the Art of Feedback

  10. Embracing Your Dragons

  11. Journey from Artist to Engineer to Passionate Leader

  12. Creating Impact Beyond Your Role

  13. Self-Love and Its Impact on Your Career

  14. Breaking the Glass Ceiling

  15. Honesty and Regret

  16. Standing for Justice in the Workplace

  17. Embracing Cultural Diversity

  18. Personal Transformation Journey

  19. Empowering Teams in Tech

  20. Customer-Driven Innovation

  21. Balancing Life as a Single Mom and Tech Leader

  22. Navigating Co-Parenting with Integrity

  23. Work-Life Harmony Over Balance

  24. Empathy and Inclusion - 'It Could Be You'

  25. Personal Change in a Tech World

  26. Quiet Impact in a Loud World

  27. Creative Destruction for Personal Growth

  28. Living with Integrity and Authenticity in Tech

  29. Asking for What You Need in the Tech World

  30. Disarming a Narcissist in a Professional Environment

  31. Business Value and Engineering: Securing Buy-In and Influencing Budgets

  32. Engineering as Art: The Creative Heart of Technology

  33. The Pitfalls of Hyper-Focus and Siloing in Tech

  34. Empowered Leadership: The Key to Successful Engineering Teams

  35. Leadership Beyond Expertise: The Value of Diverse Perspectives

Which of these topics do you find most intriguing or relevant?

Your feedback is not just appreciated; it's essential! Let's shape the conversation together.

More details about the talks:

Resilience in the Face of Adversity: In my journey as a single mom with an underpaying job, I've learned the true meaning of resilience. I want to share how resourcefulness and belief in one's skills can turn life's challenges into successes. This talk will inspire others facing similar struggles and encourage them to persist.

The Unseen Dimensions of Empathy:

I've experienced firsthand the complexities of empathy - dealing with separation, financial struggles, and more. My workshop aims to teach tech leaders how to recognize and foster a more empathetic workplace, a crucial skill in today's diverse tech environment.

Reclaiming Autonomy:

After taking a " mommy break " and leaving a challenging marriage behind, I reclaimed my professional and personal autonomy by returning to engineering. I will share my story of overcoming sexism and other barriers, offering insights into navigating and triumphing over personal and professional hurdles.

Transforming Meetings with Liberating Structures:

After not having a voice for too long, I took a Liberating Structures course and revolutionized our company's meetings. I plan to conduct an interactive workshop and share these techniques to help others transform their meeting culture for more effective collaboration.

From Engineer to Agile Leader:

My journey from a disempowered engineer to an agile leader who trained an entire company is a story of seizing leadership opportunities. I'll share my experiences to motivate others in tech to embrace leadership roles and make impactful changes.

Setting Boundaries as a Tech Leader:

In this workshop, I'll discuss the importance of setting boundaries to maintain personal well-being while balancing leadership and engineering roles. This is a crucial skill for sustainability in tech careers.

Learning from Leadership Failures:

I'll share my early failures as a leader and the lessons learned. This talk is about embracing mistakes, learning from them, and growing, a vital process for any leader in tech.

Embracing Neurodiversity: Understanding and Communication in Tech

In this talk, I'll share my experiences as a neurodivergent individual in the tech industry. It's a candid exploration of how traditional communication and interaction methods can impact our sense of intelligence and belonging. I want to address misconceptions and highlight the importance of adapting to diverse cognitive styles for a more inclusive work environment. This session is a call to action for empathy, understanding, and a shift in perspective, empowering every tech community member to recognize and value the unique strengths of neurodiversity.

Mastering the Art of Feedback:

In this interactive workshop, I'll offer insights into effectively giving and receiving feedback, including handling negative feedback, a skill crucial for growth and development in the tech industry.

Embracing Your Dragons:

I will discuss how facing personal 'dragons' can unlock hidden strengths. This keynote will explore embracing challenges and using them to fuel personal and professional growth.

Journey from Artist to Engineer to Passionate Leader:

I'll narrate my career trajectory from artist to engineer to leader, inspiring others to follow their passions and find their unique path in the tech industry.

Creating Impact Beyond Your Role:

In my talk, I'll discuss how one can create significant impact in their organization beyond just fulfilling their role. It's about expanding into new areas and growing within a tech environment.

Self-Love and Its Impact on Your Career:

My workshop on self-love will share how this personal journey transformed my professional life, and how it can positively influence others' careers in tech.

Breaking the Glass Ceiling:

I will share my journey as a woman in engineering, breaking stereotypes and achieving success. It's a story of overcoming gender biases and thriving in a male-dominated field.

Honesty and Regret:

Reflecting on my personal story with my brother, I'll discuss the importance of honesty and timely conversations, sharing lessons on personal and professional integrity.

Standing for Justice in the Workplace:

My experience of being asked to lie at work, losing my job, and standing up for justice is a powerful story. I'll share insights on maintaining ethical standards in challenging work environments.

Embracing Cultural Diversity:

Living abroad and feeling like an 'Exotic parrot' has enriched my perspective. I'll share how embracing cultural diversity can enhance personal growth and professional success.

Personal Transformation Journey:

From always smiling to embracing a wider range of emotions, I'll share my personal transformation story and its impact on my professional life.

Empowering Teams in Tech:

I'll discuss transforming a team into a self-steering empowered group, sharing strategies and insights on team empowerment in the tech industry.

Customer-Driven Innovation:

I will share my journey from OPEX-driven teams to customer-driven streams and how I rallied the team behind this vision, a crucial strategy in today's tech industry.

Balancing Life as a Single Mom and Tech Leader:

I'll offer insights into managing a multifaceted life – parenting, work, hobbies, and running a business. It's a story of setting priorities and finding harmony in chaos.

Navigating Co-Parenting with Integrity:

In my talk, I'll discuss the importance of speaking positively about co-parents and maintaining integrity in challenging family dynamics. I'll share my personal experiences and lessons learned about co-parenting, emphasizing empathy, respect, and communication.

Work-Life Harmony Over Balance:

This workshop is focused on achieving harmony rather than balance, especially tailored for the demanding tech industry. I'll share strategies and personal stories on how to integrate work and life seamlessly, fostering overall well-being.

Empathy and Inclusion - 'It Could Be You':

My talk encourages empathy and inclusion, emphasizing that anyone can face life's challenges. I'll share personal stories and professional experiences to inspire a more empathetic and inclusive tech community.

Personal Change in a Tech World:

In this keynote, I'll focus on the power of personal transformation in a tech-centric world. I'll share my journey and practical tips on initiating and sustaining personal change amidst the fast-paced tech environment.

Quiet Impact in a Loud World:

I'll discuss how making an impact doesn't always require being the loudest in the room. This talk is particularly relevant in tech environments where quiet innovation often drives the most significant changes.""

Creative Destruction for Personal Growth:

In this workshop, I'll explore how breaking down existing structures and habits can lead to significant personal and professional growth, a concept I call 'creative destruction.'

Living with Integrity and Authenticity in Tech:

I'll share insights on maintaining integrity and authenticity in the tech industry. This talk will delve into the complexities of staying true to one's values in a competitive and often challenging professional environment.

Asking for What You Need in the Tech World:

My workshop will focus on the importance and techniques of effectively communicating one's needs in a professional setting. I'll share strategies and personal anecdotes to empower others in tech to advocate for themselves.

Disarming a Narcissist in a Professional Environment:

In this keynote, I'll offer strategies for dealing with narcissistic personalities in the workplace. I'll share my experiences and methods employed to disarm or mitigate the effects of narcissistic behavior, all while maintaining empathy and respect.

Business Value and Engineering: Securing Buy-In and Influencing Budgets:

In this talk, I'll explore engineers' crucial role in driving business value. I'll share strategies for effectively communicating project benefits to stakeholders, securing buy-in, and influencing team budgets. The focus will be on bridging the gap between technical and business perspectives, ensuring that engineering initiatives are recognized for their impactful value.

Engineering as Art: The Creative Heart of Technology:

Join me in redefining the perception of engineering - not just as a technical field but as a form of art. This talk will delve into the creative processes inherent in engineering, drawing parallels between engineering solutions and artistic creations. It's a journey through the imaginative and innovative aspects of engineering that often go unnoticed.

The Pitfalls of Hyper-Focus and Siloing in Tech:

Hyper-focus and working in silos can seem productive, but they often lead to inefficiencies and missed opportunities. In my talk, I'll discuss the downsides of this approach in tech environments, offering insights and strategies for more collaborative and holistic work practices. I'll share personal experiences where breaking out of silos led to better outcomes.

Empowered Leadership: The Key to Successful Engineering Teams:

Why are engineering teams with empowered leadership more successful? In this session, I'll explore the benefits of fostering a culture of empowerment within tech teams. We'll discuss how empowered leadership leads to innovation, motivation, and a more dynamic work environment. I'll share examples from my career where empowering team members transformed our outcomes.

Leadership Beyond Expertise: The Value of Diverse Perspectives:

In my upcoming talk, I'll challenge the conventional wisdom that the best leaders are always content experts. Drawing from my experiences and observations in the tech industry, I'll argue that leadership is more about vision, empathy, and the ability to inspire and empower others than being the most knowledgeable person in the room. We'll explore how leaders who are not content experts can bring unique perspectives, facilitate cross-disciplinary collaboration, and drive innovation by encouraging diverse viewpoints and skill sets. This session aims to redefine leadership success, emphasizing the importance of soft skills, emotional intelligence, and a broader strategic outlook.

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