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Empowering Wings: Navigating Neurodiversity and Trauma in Leadership

💚🐉 Did you know? A vibrant spectrum of minds makes up our world, with 15-20% of us being neurodiverse.

This rich tapestry includes the unique patterns of dyslexia, the energetic pulse of ADHD, the distinct melody of autism, and the unexpected rhythm of Tourette's syndrome.

Yet, amidst this rainbow of neurodiversity, there's a challenge we can't ignore.

In the US, a staggering 85% of our autism spectrum community faces unemployment, a sharp contrast to the general unemployment rate of just 4.2%.

Here, in this carousel, I share a journey through the realms of neurodiversity and trauma, viewed through the lens of empowering leadership.

This carousel is deeply personal to me, reflecting not just professional insights but my own experiences with neurodiversity.

🐲 As a neurodiverse individual, I've faced challenges like the stress of phone calls and the comfort I find in video chats.

💚 Reading aloud or trying to process written words while speaking can be a hurdle.

🐲 Ticking clocks in a room? They scatter my focus.

💚 And yes, even the gentlest touch can be overwhelmingly ticklish or painful.

🐲 Background noises, like fans or air conditioning, often lead to overstimulation.

💚 In surgeries, I've needed more painkillers than most, and I'm quickly affected by alcohol.

🐲 I don’t get the same medical symptoms as most so often my medical issues are untreated until they become serious and it’s so hard for me to advocate for myself in these situations.

💚 My mind operates in a vibrant, multidimensional space, requiring moments of silence for processing.

🐲 Bright lights and direct sunlight are more than just discomforts; they're physically painful.

💚 I navigate the world with a heightened sense of empathy, feeling the pain of others as if it were my own.

🐲 Hyperfocus is my superpower and my kryptonite – it drives intense productivity but can leave me neglecting basic self-care.

💚 Interruptions can be jarring, pulling me out of deep focus, and I often need solitude to recharge from sensory overload.

🐲 My commitment to integrity and values can be both a strength and a challenge, especially in matters of justice.

But here's what I bring:

🔥 unbounded creativity,

🔥 a unique way of connecting seemingly unrelated dots,

🔥 rapid pattern recognition,

🔥 and an ability to think outside any box.

❤️‍🔥 My world is rich with color and depth, and I see people for who they truly are.

This carousel is a reflection of these experiences, and a guide for leaders to understand, support, and empower their neurodiverse team members.

Dive into the world of 'Empowering Wings' and join the conversation about diversity, empathy, and leadership in a whole new light. 🔥🐲

Read this book by Pete Wharmby: Un-typical and figure out why I struggle with making phone calls ;-) around chapter 3

Neurodiversity and Trauma in Leadership
Download PDF • 8.19MB

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