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Current and Aspiring Leaders, how to get your teams to make decisions 2X faster

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Current and Aspiring Leaders, how to get your teams to make decisions 2X faster and deliver 60% better results.

Embracing diversity and navigating through the myriad of human experiences isn’t merely a societal nuance;

it’s a critical leadership asset, fostering innovation, empathy, and encompassing inclusion.

In the rigid confines of the 1990s, a bold statement from my English teacher, Mrs. Cornelias, echoed through the classroom:

"At least 1 of you is gay."

🔥 It marked the inception of my intricate journey through the layers of sexuality, gender, and relationship dynamics.

I'm thrilled to share my new carousel: "Harmony in Diversity: Orchestrating Innovation through Inclusion."

Navigating through various relationship forms, genders, and self-explorations,

I struggled with confusion and unintentionally hurt others while discovering my own sapiosexuality and flexible relationship models amidst the shifting societal norms.

💚 It wasn’t until my late-30s,

inspired by a young intern bravely discussing his boyfriend at work, that I stopped hiding my authentic self.

Now, whether at work or in private, I openly share:

I’m sapiosexual, fluid in my gender expression, and do not align with strict monogamy.

🐲 And yes, I too am a statistic,

as many neurodiverse individuals grapple similarly with societal norms regarding sexuality and relationships.

When we unveil our truths,

it not only liberates us but inspires those around us to embrace their authentic selves,

unlocking untapped potential and innovation in our teams.

In this carousel,

🐉 dragons, symbols of transformative power, navigate us through a narrative,

exemplifying how our collective experiences can fuel the innovations and constructive changes vital for future leadership.

Together, we explore:

💚 Reflections on traversing through diverse identities.

💚 The impact of diverse teams backed by tangible data.

💚 The harmony produced when varied minds collaborate.

💚 Essential, data-driven discussions underlining the imperative of inclusion.

Leaders, today, let’s collaboratively ignite change.

❤️‍🔥 Advocate for one marginalized individual,

for it is the majority that can sculpt a truly inclusive, resonating future.

I invite you to join this dialogue, share your path and insights, and together,

let’s be the guiding light towards a future where every voice is cherished and amplified.

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