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Try this, type “top 10 agile influencers” into a Google prompt; what do you notice?

My Agile Insights Continue: Unveiling New Perspectives …

🐲 As we journey further into my insights from the Women in Agile Europe 2023, I'm excited to unveil my latest carousel:

💎 "Perceptions and Realities on Crossing the Chasms" by Jutta Eckstein.

In this thought-provoking session, Jutta Eckstein guides us through the nuances of inclusive design and DEI within Agile frameworks.

We explore how everyday products and practices can inadvertently reflect biases, underscoring the need for a more encompassing approach in our Agile journey.

🔥 This carousel delves into the subtle yet significant ways inclusivity can be overlooked, highlighting the importance of considering diverse perspectives in product development and team dynamics.

As we share these insights, I also look forward to the next (and the last) enlightening topic I’ll share from the conference:

🪽 "Dare to Be Different: Innovative Leadership and Intrinsic Motivation Strategies" by Ashvini Bisesser and Karelia Martinez Zambrana.

This upcoming carousel promises to delve deep into the realms of innovative leadership and motivation, offering fresh strategies to inspire and lead in today's dynamic Agile environments.

💚 Your engagement and reflections on these topics have been incredibly enriching.

What are your takeaways from Jutta Eckstein's session?

And what are you most looking forward to learning from Ashvini Bisesser and Karelia Martinez?

🐲 Join the discussion, and let's continue to grow and evolve together in our understanding of Agile practices.

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