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The power of yet

I don't know how to do it❗

... yet❗❗

Have you ever considered the magic behind one little word - "yet"? It's a petite, unassuming syllable, but it holds a universe of potential and promise.

Often, we find ourselves saying, "I can't do it." It's a phrase that shuts down possibilities, locking us into a present state of inability. However, if we simply add "yet" to that statement, it transforms entirely: "I can't do it... yet."

Suddenly, that door which seemed permanently closed, now has a hint of an opening. It's not that you can't; it's just that you haven't YET. What a difference three letters can make!

For example, when I first became a leader, the ability to influence others to move in a common direction toward one united and inspired goal seemed like a foreign concept to me. I often felt like saying, "I can't do this!" But then I remembered the power of YET. So, I started saying, "I don't understand these concepts...yet." And that gave me the motivation and courage to keep learning, to keep trying.

Now here comes the dragon humor; brace yourself! 🐉 You see, "yet" is such a powerful word that even dragons use it. Here's how it goes - "Why hasn't the dragon tried white water rafting?" "Because it hasn't found a raft that doesn't evaporate under its fiery tail...yet!" 🐉🚣‍♂️🔥

Don't underestimate the word "yet." It’s like a dragon, it might be small (okay, dragons are not exactly small!), but it has a fiery spirit that can ignite a spark of hope, perseverance, and endless possibility. 🔥

On a lighter note, the family and I are headed to the beach today! If you don't hear from me, don't worry. It's not that I can't build a sandcastle; it's just that I haven't...yet! 😄🏖️

Stay positive, keep pushing, and remember the power of YET!

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