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Stop name-calling

“You are stupid.”

“what’s wrong with you?”

With 23.3% experiencing verbal bullying like name-calling at work, the need for change is clear.

Research shows that the cost of replacing a low-skilled worker can be about 30% of their salary, while for highly skilled workers, it might reach up to 250% of their salary.

A significant 79% of employees may quit due to a lack of appreciation.

🐉 Reflecting back on my childhood, I recall the sting of being called 'stupid' by my parents, being told my questions were pointless, and feeling invisible in my own world.

This labeling shadowed my self-perception, leaving me grappling with deep-seated insecurities.

💚 A pivotal moment came post-university during a heartfelt conversation with my sister.

She confronted my self-doubt, highlighting my achievements and intelligence, which I had failed to recognize in myself.

🔥 However, the scars of early life experiences shaped my adult life, leading to negative schemas like unrelenting standards and subjugation.

These influenced my decisions, often landing me in toxic work environments where my capabilities were undermined with comments like, “You don’t seem to know anything”, “Why do you ask so many questions, you should know more by now”, “Are you even a senior engineer,” and “There’s something wrong with you”

🐲 I’m neurodiverse. I’m also a load of other things like adopted with early childhood traumas, a woman in a male-dominated field, an artist in a techie field, a foreigner living abroad, a social introvert … well, I’m me.

My brain may work differently (or does it?), and it certainly doesn’t equate to stupidity.

🔥🔥 Yet, hearing a colleague last week casually label his daughter as 'stupid' due to her low IQ struck a raw nerve, reminding me of my past.

This carousel, 'Wings of Change,' is more than my story. It’s a reflection of experiences that many might resonate with - in colleagues, reports, managers, or even within ourselves.

🔥 Name-calling is not just unkind; it demotivates and instills fear.

Remember, valuing and understanding each person, especially in leadership, goes beyond just creating a peaceful environment.

❤️‍🔥 It enhances fulfillment, drives productivity, and fosters empowerment.

Let's build a world where everyone is seen for their individuality and potential, not just labels.

Stop name-calling
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