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Shall we normalize bringing kids to work?

This week, I had the exciting opportunity to travel abroad to Brighton and meet with my teams at Novoda (Alice Natalie Volker Benjamin Carl-Gustaf)

We delved deep into our marketing and delivery strategies, setting the stage for exciting developments on the horizon.

But this trip came with a unique twist!

🥚 My 15-year-old daughter was right beside me every step of the way.

While this meant taking a brief hiatus from my regular Saturday "Dragon Tales with Avagasso Coaching" recordings, it ignited a new realm of reflection to share today.

🐲 By all means, I don’t mean doing this every day, but bringing children to work, conferences, or meetups should be normalized.

Here's why:

💎 Learning Experience for Kids:

It offers them a glimpse into the professional realm, shaping their perspective and understanding of the world around them.

❤️‍🔥 Strengthening Bonds:

It's a golden opportunity for parents and children to strengthen their bond, helping children see and value the work their parents engage in.

💪🏿 Opening Doors:

When leaders champion this cause, it broadcasts a strong, positive message.

Employees feel recognized and empowered, surrounded by an environment that respects both their professional and personal roles.

🔥 Diverse Opportunities:

It champions inclusivity, ensuring professionals don't have to pick between pivotal career moments and their roles or aspirations as parents.

I firmly believe that our personal and professional spheres intertwine beautifully.

When we nurture settings that respect and honor this union, we cultivate growth, empathy, and a collective journey toward success.

What are your thoughts on integrating kids into professional settings?

Have you ever had a similar journey?

I am eager to hear your narratives and insights!

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