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Opposing convictions can coexist in the same space

🐲❤️‍🔥 Last night's experience at the KCD (Kubernetes Conference) Utrecht Speaker Dinner at Grieks Specialiteiten Restaurant Mykonos was not just about good food; it was a feast for the mind and soul.

Delicious and enlightening!

As I engaged in conversations with Meg, Louëlla, and other speakers, we delved into a variety of topics, from neurodiversity and the nuances of the Dutch school system to the universality of sports like football and basketball.

But it was our exploration of convictions, pride, and ego that truly resonated with me.

We realized that a happier world is within our grasp if we could just let go of our egos.

Imagine a space where differing convictions coexist, not battling to be 'right' but existing in harmony.

🐉🥚 It’s crucial to understand that another person's perspective doesn't diminish your reality or who you are.

🔥🔥 Our conversations naturally flowed into more personal terrains, including managing intense emotions like rage.

While some viewed it akin to an addiction, I see it as part of being human.

It's about recognizing our 'red responses' and learning to steer towards 'orange and green' spaces.

Understanding our needs and creating an environment where we can thrive is key.

💎🪽 We must embrace and love our inner dragons, honoring the life experiences that shape us.

A particularly poignant moment was hearing about someone being judged for their appearance and mental illness in their family.

💪🏿 It's a stark reminder of the challenges many face and the transformative power of kindness.

Let's be the change, fostering an environment where diversity of thought and being is not just accepted but celebrated.

Let's lead with empathy, respect, and a touch of dragon fire in our hearts.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on embracing our inner diversity and turning challenges into strengths.

🔥 Let’s continue this conversation.

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