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Neuroplasticity And Ikigai

Returning to the engineering world after a two-year break to focus on motherhood was a journey filled with introspection and doubt.

🔥 During my break, I considered a complete career change, drawn towards design and psychology degrees. These fields resonated with my passions, sparking thoughts of a fresh start. However, I chose a different path.

💚 Instead of abandoning my career, I decided to integrate my passions into my existing one, embracing the concept of ikigai - finding joy and purpose in what we do.

Understanding human behavior, I've learned that our actions are influenced by so many factors - from our immediate environment to our cultural background and genetic makeup. One key idea that stood out to me is neuroplasticity: our brain's ability to adapt and rewire itself based on our experiences and actions.

🤰🐉 This insight helped me realize that my yearning for a career change was, in part, my brain's response to new experiences and the profound shift in my identity as a mother.

💪🏿🐲 Instead of viewing my engineering career and my passions for design and psychology as mutually exclusive, I saw an opportunity to blend them.

Much like a dragon, symbolizing strength and adaptability, I harnessed my diverse skills and interests to breathe new life into my career. Incorporating design thinking into engineering projects and applying psychological principles to leadership and teamwork allowed me to create a more fulfilling and innovative career path.

❤️‍🔥 This integration aligned perfectly with the concept of ikigai - the sweet spot where what we love, what we are good at, what the world needs, and what we can be paid for intersect.

Returning to the workforce, I brought with me a renewed perspective, enriched by my experiences as a mother and my understanding of human behavior. This journey has taught me the value of adaptability and the importance of aligning our careers with our evolving passions.

💎 To all those considering a career shift or feeling the tug of diverse interests, I encourage you to explore ways to integrate your passions into your current path.

Sometimes, the most fulfilling path isn't a complete change but an innovative fusion of what we love with what we already do. Embrace your inner dragon and let it guide you towards your ikigai.

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