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My 6 core values

My 6 core values have changed my life as knowing what you need in order to thrive can change yours too…

1. Trust

✨ I believe trust is the pillar of any relationship and that’s why it’s at the foundation of my other core values.

✨ If there’s no trust, none of my other values can exist.

2. Autonomy

✨ Without autonomy, I can't function. My biggest allergy is being micromanaged and I'm not a person that's like managing everything you're doing.

✨ People who work with me feel a lot of autonomy.

3. Authenticity

✨ For me, it's important that you are who you are. So be you, be true, be authentic, be honest


✨ It's important to me, especially as trust is at my core. I can't trust someone that's not authentic.

4. Reliability.

✨ If I say I'm going to do something, it's 100% that I will follow through unless something really important/urgent work has come up.

✨ So for me, it's also hard to trust someone that doesn't come through with what they say.

5. Empathy

✨ Everyone has their own values and life experience.

✨ If we don't pause and try to understand others, then there is no way we can truly connect and move in the right direction together.

6. Respect

✨ I believe that everyone on this earth deserves the same level of respect.

✨ You can be the one cleaning the toilets or serving the food at the restaurant or the top CEO or a child; it doesn’t matter at all.

What are your core value - your basic needs in order to thrive?

Do let me know in the comments!

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