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My 6 core values

My 6 core values have changed my life as knowing what you need in order to thrive can change yours too…

1. Trust

I believe trust is the pillar of any relationship and that’s why it’s at the foundation of my other core values.

If there’s no trust, none of my other values can exist.

2. Autonomy

Without autonomy, I can't function. My biggest allergy is being micromanaged and I'm not a person that's like managing everything you're doing.

People who work with me feel a lot of autonomy.

3. Authenticity

For me, it's important that you are who you are. So be you, be true, be authentic, be honest


It's important to me, especially as trust is at my core. I can't trust someone that's not authentic.

4. Reliability.

If I say I'm going to do something, it's 100% that I will follow through unless something really important/urgent work has come up.

So for me, it's also hard to trust someone that doesn't come through with what they say.

5. Empathy

Everyone has their own values and life experience.

If we don't pause and try to understand others, then there is no way we can truly connect and move in the right direction together.

6. Respect

I believe that everyone on this earth deserves the same level of respect.

You can be the one cleaning the toilets or serving the food at the restaurant or the top CEO or a child; it doesn’t matter at all.

What are your core value - your basic needs in order to thrive?

Do let me know in the comments!

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