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It's not enough just to have wings; the sky must also be safe.

🐲 Empowerment isn't just finding your wings; it's the liberation to fly fearlessly like the dragons of legend.


when we talk about empowerment, especially in the professional realm,

we focus heavily on personal growth and discovering our strengths.

But there's a crucial factor we sometimes overlook - the environment we're in.

Even the most magnificent dragon can't soar if the skies are filled with threats.

It's not enough just to have wings; the sky must also be safe.

🐉 Leadership plays a pivotal role here.

Great leaders don't just help their team members find their wings;

they ensure the environment is conducive for them to fly.

In the context of a developer experience,

this means fostering a culture of trust,

open communication,

and respect.

❤️‍🔥 It's about making sure that each developer,

no matter their level of expertise,

feels safe to take risks,



most importantly,

learn from their mistakes.

On the other hand,

poor leadership can clip the wings of even the mightiest dragons.

Leaders who micromanage,

fail to trust,

or don't respect their teams inadvertently create an atmosphere of doubt and fear.

And in such a setting,

no matter how strong or talented,

individuals can't reach their full potential.

In essence,

empowerment is a two-fold process:

it's about self-discovery and having an environment that lets you be truly liberated.

💚 Let's not only find our wings but also ensure our skies are clear and safe for flight.

Have you ever experienced the clipping of your wings? I sure have...

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