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Happy Thanksgiving

Yesterday, while many were gathering around tables filled with festive flavors, I found myself deep in joyful anticipation.

💚 Tonight, and all day Saturday, I'll be cooking a full Thanksgiving feast, not just as a culinary journey, but as a heartfelt honor to my roots and culture.

🔥 This isn't just about the delicious spread of traditional dishes; it's a celebration of gratitude, shared with my non-American friends who are eager to eat with me in this cherished tradition.

❤️‍🔥 Preparing each dish is like creating a meld if colorful paint colors into a rainbow of memories and flavors that take me back home, no matter where I am in the world.

🐲 There's something so beautiful about sharing your culture with friends who all come from different backgrounds.

💎 As I introduce them to each dish, from the succulent turkey to the rich, velvety pumpkin pie, it's more than sharing a meal; it's an exchange of stories, laughter, and traditions.

This weekend is more than a feast; it's a testament to the universality of gratitude.

💪🏿 It's a reminder that giving thanks transcends borders and unites us in our common humanity.

And in these moments, I'm reminded of how food – much like gratitude – is a language that everyone understands, a language that brings us closer.

So, as we gather around my table, miles away from where this tradition began, we're not just sharing a meal; we're blending a new rainbow of memories, filled with the warmth of friendship and the joy of togetherness.

Here's to a celebration that bridges cultures and hearts, reminding us that gratitude knows no boundaries. 🐲💚

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