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From Perfectionism to Empowerment: Embracing Vulnerability in Leadership


In 2008, I embarked on my leadership journey with a mindset deeply ingrained in perfectionism. As head of engineering, architect, and software engineer, I believed I had to single-handedly design and oversee every aspect of our projects to ensure their success. But this approach didn't inspire or empower anyone - not even myself.

Fast forward to 2019, a pivotal year when I decided to rewrite the narrative of my leadership style. Recognizing the toll that unrelenting standards were taking on myself and my team, I made a conscious choice to prioritize empowerment and vulnerability.

🛑 Setting a clear boundary, I vowed not to code while leading and embraced my weaknesses, seeking help from my team when needed. This shift in mindset transformed our dynamic. Our team flourished, becoming a cohesive unit that thrived on collaboration and trust.

💚 The impact of vulnerability was profound. By acknowledging my imperfections and fostering an environment where others felt safe to do the same, we cultivated a culture of authenticity and resilience. Our meetings became spaces for open dialogue, creativity, and innovation.

Years later, as I parted ways with the team, I witnessed the lasting effects of our journey together. They continued to thrive, confidently leading themselves towards success. Our bond remained strong, a testament to the power of vulnerability in leadership.

❤️‍🔥 Wired Technokrats Forever!

So, to all leaders and aspiring leaders out there, I encourage you to embrace vulnerability. Let go of unrelenting standards and trust in the strength of authenticity. By doing so, you'll not only empower yourself but also those around you, fostering a culture of growth, trust, and inclusion.

Together, let's soar beyond perfectionism and into vulnerability to unleash the true power of leadership.

Steven Glasius Diogo Costa Michał Stec Maurice van der Weele Douwe Tammer Frank Rakhorst Agnes Udayakumar Cor Zijlstra

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