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Discover the Power of Mindful Facilitation in Engineering and Beyond

In this episode (<5m long), we delve deep into the unseen dynamics of engineering meetings and the challenges of ensuring every voice gets its due.

From my personal experiment that spotlighted these dynamics to the powerful example of Rosalind Franklin's overlooked contributions, we explore how key voices often get overshadowed.

But it's not all about identifying the problem; we also discuss transformative solutions.

Learn about the magic of mindful facilitation and the revolutionary techniques of Liberating Structures, like '1-2-4-All' and 'Impromptu Networking,' that ensure rich, inclusive discussions.

Join me as we journey into making every meeting space a realm where every voice isn't just heard but valued.

🔥 Let’s pledge to amplify every voice because each carries a unique story.

Dive into this enlightening episode, and let me know your thoughts!

And, as always, share your experiences on creating inclusive and effective meetings.

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