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Digital Real Life Connections

In our digital age, the connections we make online often transcend the boundaries of screens and become deeply meaningful parts of our lives. I recently had the incredible experience of meeting my LinkedIn friend and speaker hero, Pascalle, in person. This encounter was nothing short of extraordinary and reinforced my belief in the power of authentic connections.

Pascalle and I first crossed paths on LinkedIn, drawn together by our shared passion for neurodiversity and all things Dutch. Her posts always resonated with me - each word dripping with spark, intrigue, and wisdom. We began to exchange messages, our conversations blossoming in the DM space and then into online chats. It was clear from our very first interaction that Pascalle was not just a thought leader but a genuinely wonderful person.

When the opportunity finally arose for us to meet in person, I was both excited and a little nervous. Would our in-person interaction match the incredible connection we had built online? The answer was a resounding yes. Meeting Pascalle was like reconnecting with a long-lost friend. Her energy, passion, and quirky were even more real face-to-face.

As we sat down to talk, I was struck by how natural and effortless our conversation was. We laughed, shared stories, and delved into deep discussions about our work and dreams. Pascalle’s insights and experiences were as inspiring in person as they had been in our online exchanges. She radiated a genuine enthusiasm for making a difference, and her authenticity was a breath of fresh air.

This experience reaffirmed something fundamental about human connections: authenticity bridges the gap between the digital and the real world. When we bring our true selves to our online interactions, the relationships we build can be as deep and meaningful as those we cultivate in person. Meeting Pascalle in person didn’t just confirm the connection we had - it deepened it.

So, if you have the chance to meet your LinkedIn friends in person, I highly recommend taking it. The transition from digital to real-life interactions can be seamless and profoundly enriching. And who knows, you might just meet your hero and realize they are even cooler in person.

To Pascalle, thank you for being an inspiration both online and offline. Here’s to the power of authentic connections and the magic that happens when LinkedIn friendships come to life.

Stay authentic, stay inspired, and keep making those connections. You never know where they might lead!


PS. Sanne you too are another example of a close loving friendship rooted at a first meeting via LinkedIn!

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