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Believe in Yourself

I worked for free for 3 Months, leading to a 1250% salary increase!

Back in 2010, I knew in my heart that I had the skills and experience to make a significant impact at BKW Energie GmbH truly.

But there was one major problem - I couldn't seem to get my foot in the door.

To stand out, I decided to take a bold and unconventional step.

With unwavering confidence in my abilities, I offered to work as an intern for a company, despite already being a senior software engineer.

This move piqued the curiosity of the project manager, and they agreed to give me a chance.

For those 3 months, I poured my heart and soul into the work, tirelessly demonstrating my value to the company and proving that I was an asset worth investing in.

It wasn't an easy journey - there were long hours, tight deadlines, and countless challenges along the way.

But I was driven by a firm belief in myself and my ability to make a real difference.

I knew that sometimes, taking bold steps is what it takes to reach new heights in your career.

And guess what?

My efforts paid off beyond my wildest expectations.🔥

The company recognized my dedication and the impact I brought to the table and as a result…

My salary skyrocketed from a modest 12 Swiss francs per hour to an incredible 150 📈 and I was contracted for the next couple of years!

This experience taught me a valuable lesson - sometimes, taking risks and thinking outside the box can lead to remarkable rewards.

So, I encourage each one of you to fearlessly pursue your dreams and be willing to go that extra mile to make them a reality.

Now, I'm curious to know 🤔

What risks have you taken in your career that has paid off?

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