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Avagasso Branding

Many people ask me, “Sarah, how did you come up with the branding of Avagasso?”

“Why is your logo a dragon?” 🐲

So here’s the whole story behind it…

In 2010, I founded Avagasso, which was a software business based in Switzerland.

And the initials Avagasso stand for Avant-garde Software Solutions, so that’s how I came up with the name Avagasso.

At that point, my logo was purple paint splatters (purple symbolizes creativity) 🎨

And Avagasso's slogan was: “We paint your software solutions.”

It was quite a successful company.

I had it for several years then I ended up moving to the Netherlands.

I closed down the company, and I no longer had Avagasso.

But when I created my coaching community a couple of years back, I used the term Avagasso because I've been using it for so many years.

I have the email and webpage, and Avagasso feels like it's my name.

So when I came up with the name, I just decided to change it by putting Coaching at the end.

And that’s how Avagasso Coaching was born.

Now, dragons as a logo 🐉

My Chinese astrology sign is a dragon, a fire dragon, to be specific.

And dragons are pretty ferocious looking, and they're powerful 🔥

They are very loyal, introverted, and protective of their hoard.

And in Chinese symbolism, they are leaders and bring out the best in others.

And that was the purpose of Avagasso Coaching also, so I decided to have dragons as a logo.

If you look at the logo, there’s a Koi fish.

Koi fish can adapt to many different climates and water conditions and symbolize strength. It is inherent in a koi's nature to swim upstream.

Through the koi fish legend, you can see that they show great determination, dedication, perseverance, and success. The different colors symbolize my children, two girls and one boy.

You will also see the Ting Symbol and a firey heart in my logo.

The fiery heart symbolizes my mission in life, to light as many passions on fire as I can in the people around me.

And Ting is the Chinese character for listening, capturing the whole spirit of listening.

And the lotus flower, which grows in dirty water, is like the dirty past, and then comes something beautiful 🌷

Also, all the colors in the logo have a significant meaning too ;-)

So for me, names mean a lot, and when I named my children, I didn't just use the name.

I found the meaning of the name and used numerology and horoscopes as well.

So I used everything to make sure that the names were deeply meaningful 💯

That was the whole story about Avagasso Coaching and its logo.

The true purpose of Avagasso Coaching is to help you and your teams move to the next level of high performance.

And that’s what makes me keep going 📈

P.S. If you want to take your life to the next level, take my "Find Your Core & Move Forward with Worthy Goal" course starting in August.

Happy to help you :-))

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Fire Dragon 🔥🐉 火龙 … 🤭

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