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As the Dutch say, “ Do Normaal”! Or???

Embark on a reflective journey with me in my latest Dragon Tales episode, where I weave through the cultural landscapes that have richly colored my leadership style.

🇨🇭 My stay in Switzerland ingrained in me the value of precision and the art of listening beyond words—a testament to trust and reliability.

🇳🇱 In the vibrant Dutch culture, I embraced the boldness of directness and the art of balanced living, reinforcing the values of authenticity and autonomy.

🇺🇸 And throughout, my American roots have reminded me of the power of resilience, the spirit of enterprise, and the importance of empathetic connection.

This episode is not just a chronicle of past experiences; it's a celebration of the wisdom gained through each cultural lens.

If my initial steps had been on Dutch soil, the story would have unfolded differently—each move has been a building block, informed by the last, paving the path forward.

🐲 In leading diverse teams, I've learned that inclusion is about harnessing this collective wisdom, creating spaces where every individual feels empowered and respected and where every challenge is met with a shared strength.

💚 How have the cultures you've encountered shaped your path?

Let's continue to learn from each other's tales, growing together in our Dragon Community.


I'm Sarah, and I help tech and engineering leaders unlock and unleash their leadership power.

Join my next group coaching course in January – only four course runs in 2024 that support time zones worldwide - each with only 16 places available!

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