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4 powerful ways to stop micromanagement at its root!

Are you a manager seeking to transition from micromanagement to empowerment?

Dive into this carousel to explore the journey from vulnerability to solid leadership.

Discover the core values and fears rooted in schemas that shape the path to true empowerment. 🐉

Do you want to learn more about Micromanagement???

Join me at the Enterprise #DevOps TechCon conference in the Netherlands on Tuesday, October 3rd! ?

Micromanagement: From Fire-Breathing Frustration to Soaring Success

Synopsis: In the ever-evolving realm of DevOps, challenges aren't just technical but interpersonal. My presentation delves into the stifling flames of micromanagement and the scorching impact on team members. Recounting my evolution from a fiery to a wise dragon, my talk underscores the significance of self-awareness, mutual respect, and open communication. While perceiving micromanagers as fire-breathing beasts is natural, I will reveal the heart within, advocating for understanding, dialogue, and empowerment. By taming our inner dragons, managers and team members can transition from conflict to collaboration, letting innovation soar.

Micromanagement and Schemas (1)
Download PDF • 28.89MB

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