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My convictions helped me reach where I am today! 💯

My convictions are:

⚫️ We have a choice: 1. stay/remain, 2. change, 3. leave (unless in a coercive/abusive situation)

⚫️ We know ourselves best

⚫️ Clear boundaries are kind

⚫️ We have intrinsic talents and purpose

⚫️ We desire to be heard, seen, respected, and valued

⚫️ We can only change ourselves and only when we are ready

⚫️ Sometimes, we are not ready to stretch but can become ready

⚫️ We cannot pick and choose a person’s traits like shopping at a grocery store

⚫️ Assumptions make an ASS of U and ME

⚫️ Internal peace begins when we embrace and are kind to our “monsters.” Then we can have full access to our core power

⚫️ You do not know me better than I know me, and I do not know you better than you know you

⚫️ As leaders, we need first to learn to differentiate ourselves from others, accept our whole selves, and self-actualize before leading others; otherwise, our leadership could become harmful to others

⚫ We should only call others by their given or accepted name as we are not what we do; we can choose to do differently

Our convictions are a firm persuasion or belief!

Our experiences shape our beliefs: messages from our parents, socialization, environment, knowledge (study, interests, and self-reflection), and visions of the future.

We often formulate our beliefs very strongly and subconsciously in our heads:

For example, women are from Venus - men are from Mars, a man may not cry, you must always support your fellow man, and so on.

Our convictions are often not based on fact, although they feel factual to us.

Most importantly, convictions can change from experiencing life events or being deeply inspired by another's experience.

❗As influencers, we are responsible for ensuring that our stories are authentic and that we share our stories keeping integrity at the core.

❓Do you agree?

Share your thoughts.

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