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Leaders can do 3 things to take the power out of shame that comes from mistakes

Yesterday, immersed in a gathering organized by Marcel Wijermars and hosted by Michael Jäger, I was reminded of dragons.

Why? Because dragons, while mighty, aren't born soaring.

They falter, learn, and then rise mightily. 🐲

Frank Deuring highlighted the power of sharing mistakes.

Imagine a workplace where:

💚 Stumbles are discussed openly.

💚 The brave souls sharing are applauded: "Thank you for stepping forward; you're the heart of our team."❤️‍🔥

To share, one needs the right mindset and abilities.

And as I've always believed, consistent effort outweighs innate talent.

Looking at someone's achievements, do you feel overshadowed or inspired?

Let’s lean into the "Not Yet" perspective, embracing growth at every step. 🐉

Shame, that lurking shadow, dissipates when shared, gifting:

💚 Peace to oneself.

💚 Insights to colleagues.

💎 Evolutionary paths for businesses.

Leaders, our role?

🐲 1- Stand tall and voice concerns.

🐲 2- Navigate errors with empathy and vision.

🐉 3- Encourage diverse voices and stories by carving out niches to reflect on our shared journeys.

Because it's in diversity that true learning resides.

Note, not all mistakes should be celebrated alike (were the intentions not right? Or did someone severely injured in the process? - think ER missteps). Intelligent and good-intentioned missteps? Those are gold mines for growth.

Listening to Jeroen van der Heide, Ingmar Larsen, and Nour Shaaban,

I was reminded of the beauty of diverse narratives.

Each tale, unique and powerful, underscored one truth: In embracing our flaws, we harness our might. 🔥🐲

I urge you: Embrace your mistakes, share your stories, and remember – every dragon learns to soar. 🐉💚

My latest mistake? When I didn’t step in fast enough to take a report off of a project where they were feeling disempowered. As a result, burnout happened, which could have been prevented. My learning? Dare to step up to courageously fight for what’s in my gut (sooner!)

Have a lovely day, everyone!

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