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I'm Neurodiverse: Intellectually Gifted, with a High IQ 🧠

Grade school was a real struggle for me.

I faced challenges with reading; unfortunately, there wasn't much understanding of different learning styles back then.

Both children and teachers treated me as if I were dumb, and it deeply affected my self-esteem 😔

Little did I know that the truth was quite the opposite - I'm neurodiverse, intellectually gifted, and have a high IQ.

It's essential to remember that a high IQ doesn't shield an individual from learning difficulties or disabilities.

Learning disabilities are neurological conditions that can impact how a person learns and processes information, but they are not related to intelligence 💯

In my case, I discovered that I had a learning disability, and this realization was liberating.

I found out that conditions like dyslexia, dyscalculia, and ADHD can affect various aspects of learning and cognition, even if you have a high IQ.

But here's what I want everyone to know - having a learning disability doesn't mean you are unintelligent or incapable of success.

With the right support and accommodations, you can still achieve your goals and shine in your areas of strength 🐉

I'm sharing this deeply personal experience to encourage anyone who might be facing or has faced a similar situation - you are not alone, and you are definitely not dumb.

Don't let others define who you are. There are diverse ways of learning and absorbing information, and you might have a unique way of doing so.

Believe in yourself because the power to overcome obstacles lies within YOU 🔥

And for those that are not have learning disabilities, I do hope that posts like this encourage you to step up your game in making sure that those like me have a place next to you at the table. We bring a lot to it! 💚

What are your thoughts on this? Have you faced any similar challenges in your journey?

Let's support each other and grow together!

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