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Building Trust: The Cornerstone of Effective Leadership

I was at a real crossroads with my team ... I couldn't trust them anymore.

Navigating Leadership with Courageous Conversations

There was a time when my team often missed our weekly tactical meetings and also often wouldn't follow through with their commitments.

Even after adjusting the timings and reducing commitments, the challenge persisted. :-/

As their manager, I found myself at a crossroads.

This experience demonstrated to me (yet again!) the critical importance of setting boundaries and having courageous conversations.

I had to sit down with my team and engage in a dialogue, not as a superior, but as a fellow team member concerned about our collective goals.

The Courageous Conversation Formula I followed:

1. Set a clear intention.

2. Share my observations.

3. Express my feelings.

4. Convey what I needed.

5. Discuss the desired outcome.

6. Listen actively to their feedback.

Boundaries, when set with respect and empathy, ensure reliability.

Without reliability, there's no trust.

And without trust, autonomy suffers.

In the following carousel, I'll delve deeper into the essence of courageous conversations in leadership.

Join me on this journey and discover how to steer teams with clarity, empathy, and respect.

Building Trust The Cornerstone of Effective Leadership (1)
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