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Balancing a Corporate Job and Your Own Business

First day of my new job! OMG, I'm a combination of nervous and excited!

AND today marks the end of our enlightening three-week content sprint, where we explored life traps, Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, and the Polyvagal Theory. We learned to understand, embrace, and tame our inner dragons, those parts of us that carry past wounds and fears.

Reflecting on these weeks, we've seen how recognizing life traps and schemas helps us navigate challenges personally and professionally. We've climbed Maslow's Triangle, understanding the importance of fulfilling basic needs to achieve self-actualization. The Polyvagal Theory taught us about our nervous system's role in responding to stress and fostering social connections.

💚 I’m thrilled to announce that starting today, we'll embark on a new content sprint that coincides with this exciting new chapter in my life. Tomorrow, I begin my new role as an engineering manager at Albert Heijn. In this upcoming sprint, we'll dive into the common leadership dilemma of balancing a corporate job with a side gig. We'll explore strategies to give both roles the attention they deserve without neglecting self-care.

🐉 I’ve been balancing corporate and my side passions for many years! I’m asked often as to how I make this work, especially being a mother of three. I'm excited to share insights and discuss how to effectively navigate dual roles with you.

❤️‍🔥 As a call to action, I want to hear from you: for the next two-week sprint, which topics interest you the most? Here are the sections from my carousel:

- Why many leaders have side gigs

- Tips

- Why corporates shouldn't be afraid

- Tips for corporate leaders supporting those with side gigs

- When you might need to leave

- Making the decision to leave a corporate job

- Conclusion

🔥 Please share your thoughts and preferences in the comments. I cannot wait to dig deeper into these topics with you!

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