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8 steps to transform from traditional hierarchy to holacracy

As we soar on the wings of change, much like a majestic dragon embracing the winds of a new era, I'm thrilled to share my journey at Novoda.

Over the past year, we've transitioned from traditional hierarchy to the empowering realm of holacracy.

The outcomes? Simply transformative. 🐲

One Novoda team member, with 7 years of dedication, recently expressed, "I've never felt so empowered." ❤️‍🔥

Another blossomed, harnessing the spirit of the dragon, stepping up with newfound ownership and gracefully transitioning into leadership.

And our business owner is able to focus on the part of his business that he can bring the most value to now since he has a new found trust that circles will deliver what is needed! No need to micromanage!

Dive into our carousel to explore this transformative tale,

each slide breathing life into our journey,

and discover the power of holacracy for yourself.

If it has ignited such passion and empowerment for us, envision the potential for your organization! 🔥

Traditional Hierarchy to Holacracy
Download PDF • 19.13MB

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