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6-Steps to Nurturing a Thriving Leadership Community ...

This past Saturday, over a delightful breakfast with Marcel,

the creator of the 'No More Networking' community,

I was reminded of the power of community and thoughtful leadership.

Our conversation wasn't just enriched by the yummy meal,

but also by mutual respect and shared vision

for vibrant, engaged communities.

💚 Marcel demonstrated that valuing each interaction,

each shared thought and idea, propels a community forward.

Acknowledging each voice is step one towards creating a resonant leadership community.

💚 Through asking and actively listening to my reflections on our community, Marcel exhibited step two:

forging a space where every opinion is heard and sought after;

I felt empowered.

💚 Establishing a "Brain Trust" meetup highlighted a commitment to collective wisdom and future-building: step four.

Crafting a shared vision by pooling our collective intellect, skills, and experiences strengthens our communal foundation.

❤️‍🔥 In alignment with these moments of wisdom and connection,

I am thrilled to share a carousel detailing a 6-step guide to building and nurturing leadership through community development.

The recent breakfast is a live testament to these steps in action -

an embodiment of thoughtful,

collective leadership and community building.

As we explore these steps together,

I invite you to reflect on your leadership journey and the communities that have shaped it.

May we continue to nourish our bodies, communities, and visions with many more mornings like these!

Community Thanksgiving
Download PDF • 11.04MB

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