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5 characteristics of all-time great leaders

“A great leader’s courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position” - John Maxwell

Here are 5 characteristics of all-time great leaders and how you can also cultivate them:

1. Visionary:

🐉 Cultivating vision: Develop a clear sense of purpose and direction reflecting your values and long-term goals.

🐉 Communicating the vision: Articulate your vision clearly and consistently with your team, which inspires them to work on that vision.

2. Empathy:

🐉 Practicing active listening: Give your full attention to others and listen attentively without interrupting, show understanding, and ask follow-up questions.

🐉 Building relationships: Foster open and honest relationships with team members to understand their needs and concerns.

3. Adaptability:

🐉 Embracing change: Be open-minded and willing to adapt to new circumstances. Encourage experimentation and innovation within your team.

🐉 Continuous self-improvement: Reflect on your strengths and weaknesses. Seek feedback from others and actively work on areas for improvement.

4. Decisiveness:

🐉 Analyzing information: Gather relevant data & insights and evaluate the pros & cons of different options.

🐉 Taking calculated risks: Make timely decisions based on available information and accept that not all decisions will have guaranteed outcomes. Learn from both successes and failures.

5. Integrity:

🐉 Leading by example: Set high ethical standards and demonstrate integrity in your actions. Be honest, transparent, and accountable.

🐉 Establishing a culture of integrity: Foster an environment where honesty and ethical behavior are valued.

What other characteristics do great leaders have?

Share your thoughts.

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