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When I was 16, my painting got first prize, and I won an art contest 🥳

Also, I was a singer in a choir, and I used the money I earned from that contest to travel and sing with my choir in Europe. We sang in London, Paris, Luzern, Florence, and Rome. I knew from age 16 that I would live here one day!!!

I have always been drawn to creativity!

To me, creativity is not just about creating a visual/musical concept or picturing/harmonizing an idea but is the blend of the limitless possibilities that the mind can envision.

Creativity, like a brilliant tapestry, weaves together a myriad of colors, textures, and emotions.

It breathes life into the mundane and transforms the ordinary into something extraordinary.

Unleashing one's creative dragon can indeed help one both personally and professionally, as it helped me in the following:

🐉 Unlocking New Possibilities:

→ When we embrace creativity, we unlock new horizons of thought and imagination, which allow us to break free from conventional norms and wisdom.

🐉 Cultivating Self-Expression:

→ Creativity, a means to self-expression, enables us to articulate our thoughts, emotions, and experiences in extraordinary ways.

🐉 Fueling Continuous Learning:

→ The creative process is a lifelong journey of learning and growth as it encourages us to embrace curiosity and new perspectives and expand our knowledge base.

🐉 Embracing Innovation:

→ Fostering a creative mindset helps us become a catalyst for positive change, capable of reshaping industries, challenging conventions, and impacting society.

I believe every person is a creative genius!

Because creativity is not limited to a specific skill or domain; instead, it is a mindset and approach to life.

Do you agree?

Share your thoughts!

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